Publisher of the Internet Journal of Public Health is the Slovak Medical University in Bratislava.

The journal gives information from various multidisciplinary specializations in public health, new insight towards the protection, promotion and development of public health, prevention of diseases and other health disorders, as well as other disciplines involved in the tasks of public health.

By means of the Internet connection the journal is open to both experts and the general public:

  1. Work and contributions shall be accepted and published in Slovak, Czech and English. The editorial board reserves the right to minor amendments in the style of the text without authorís convention, and the right to determine the sequential order of publication and the final right of correcting the text before publication on the internet.

  2. The manuscript or contribution is to be delivered in an electronic form in text format MS Word to the e-mail address of the editorial office::

  3. Professional work and contributions must meet the following requirements:
        Formal presentation of manuscript / text, contribution /:     The basic contents of the manuscript
            Title page - must contain:
        Text structure according to the type of subject:
    • abstract / summary
    • keywords
    • home
    • own text - goal, set, methods, results, discussion, conclusion
    • literature
        The list of references:
    • Book / Monograph: Author. Year of publication. Name monograph. Edition. Place: publisher, year of publication. The number of pages. ISBN.
    • Article in the monograph: Author. Year of publication. Title of article. In author (editor). Name monograph. Place: publisher, year of publication, the page range (from - to). ISBN.
    • Journal article: Author. Year of publication. Title of article. In name of the magazine. ISSN, year, volume, volume number, page range (from-to).
    • Electronic document - monograph: Author. Year of publication. Title [type of support]. Edition. Place: publisher, year of publication. [Citation Date year-month-day]. Availability and access. ISBN.
    • Article in a journal and other contributions: Author. Year of publication. Name. In name of the magazine. [Type of support]. Year of publication, volume, issue [date of citation year-month-day]. Availability and access. ISSN.
    • Unpublished report: Author. Name. Name of the conference venue, the date of the.
  4. Abbreviations in the text are used only as internationally. In their first appearance should be shown their full text.

  5. Submitting to the editor and the adoption of a manuscript for publication work /, the author assigns his rights to the publishers, thereby ensuring that the work / contribution in that version was not previously published in other journals.

  6. Work and contributions are reviewed before publication. The editorial board reserves the right to reject the text, which has not been approved or recommended by the peer review assessment of what the author will be notified.

  7. Author of the work / report is responsible for content and language of his/her manuscript.

  8. Work and contributions are not remunerated.